How to Make Crowdfunding work for events.

How to Make Crowdfunding work for events.

If you know anything about crowdfunding, then it’s likely you’ve heard about the Kickstarter phenomenon. If you know all about crowdfunding, then please skip ahead to the next paragraph. Otherwise, is the revolutionary website that provides a platform for projects around the world to be funded through the collective investments of individuals. From raising a … Continue reading

Goods we Love: Moo Cards!

Product Review: Moo Cards  How I obtained it: FREE offer via my profile. 50 cards, just $5 shipping. To re-up with 200, it will cost me about $60 with a discount. Why I LOVE it: What isn’t to love? I was able to design a set of business cards with a variety of … Continue reading

The Top Links You Need for WEC 2012

Hello all! Midori here, reporting live from Meeting Professional International’s World Education Congress 2012 in St Louis, MO. Today’s goodie is a list of the key links that will help you best navigate your WEC experience. Live Streaming and Recorded Content Mobile App Download Goose Chase App Download Social Channels http://instagram.comContinue reading